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Designed to make a Difference

My Mission - Hope You can help me

Ezana was created to introduce traditional and modern MADE IN AFRICA products to global audiences.

Our prices are very affordable and targeted to Scandinavians who love high-quality, genuine products.

Ezana Ltd is 100% committed to support the local community in two ways

  1. Buying products from and making products with local industries in Africa
  2. Support the Ezana lighthouse school project in Ethiopia



Rahel Tariku


My Values

Ezana Oy is dedicated to supporting local school expansions and strengthening teachers’ training in Ethiopia. I'm currently working on establishing avenues to help local schools in Africa out of the proceeds of our business.

Please visit Lighthouse project page where I share my vision for the schools in Ethiopia during my most recent visit there.

Let’s work together to enrich lives for the better! 

My Story

I was born and raised in Ethiopia in a multicultural society that inspired me to understand the importance of cultural values and its advantages in our daily lives.

This has helped me appreciate and respect other cultural trends in their own way.

As an expression of my culture in a different place, I decided to engage myself in the business world by selling products made in Africa. This is a business focused on more than selling products, with each one telling the producers unique designing and their art work in their own traditional ways.


The collection I want to present here is very beautiful, attractive and colourful, ranging from the vibrant to the monochromatic. My future plan is to introduce more products ‘Made in Africa’, in one of the most beautiful continents of the world, and make them available in a web shop to our Nordic customers.

My aim is to build a long relationship with my customers.

Anyone can enjoy and decorate his/her home with the ‘Made in Africa’ products.

Ghanaian Kente Fabric Bag

Ghanaian kente bag



Konjo leather jewelries


Hagere cotton scarfs


Zennech Leather Bag


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