Lighthouse Ezana Project

My School Project in Ethiopia

Our objectives

The project aims to

1. Build a proper school building

A simple building where children will have access to a clean running water, food and clothing (school uniforms), and a proper toilet for kids.  

Soccer balls and other play materials depending on the area of the school location.

2. Facilitate Good training for teachers

A simple library in the school compound for school people and the community

Connecting the teachers to the right college to acquire in-service training summer college facilities

A clearly communicated plan to enable us to get permission to expand the project from the local government


I will utilize my past experience about the details of how it works and will use it to change lives for the betterment of the children.


I was born and raised in Ethiopia with a wonderful social life structure. But it didn’t take me too long to understand the role education played in determining the livelihood of individuals, as well as leadership in general.

I’ve always loved and dreamt about school; and I love seeing kids running around and playing in the school yard.

This desire has led me to create a school project in 2005 under my mother’s organization (The Good Samaritan Training Centre).

As the vision became clearer and I was able to continue my dream that I’ve had since the age of 24.

I now live in Finland with my family and have found the right place to improve my educational background, to lead a school and to facilitate continuance training for educators that I aim on in-service training to equip and initiate the teacher’s capacity.  I’ve also been able to start Ezana Oy (Ezana Limited Company), a business founded to sell products made in Africa, and support my vision.

I believe that projects like mine need their own income, and I plan to make this possible via Ezana Oy by utilizing the contacts I have with hand-made craft makers.

A portion of the profits from Ezana Oy will go towards the Lighthouse School Project in Ethiopia as starting point.

You can hear about how Ezana Oy is helping the project on this website.

For me creating a school project does not require a lot, but only a willing heart.

Schools play a major role in Ethiopia for the betterment of society and are necessary.

Did you know?

150 Euros can pay a month’s salary for a school teacher in Ethiopia?

Our Photo Gallery the Lighthouse School at Holota Ethiopia Project 1

How you can help?

Visit to see what we have in stock and order from our collection of products made from authentic materials in Africa.

Contact Rahel Tariku

The founder and the visionary of the school project Lighthouse Ezana

+358 (0) 409527868